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So, how exactly it works?

(in case you're not convinced yet)

Mobile dating

With the help of mobile version of GrannyWoo, you can now use all sites’ features on the go.

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We do our best to make sure that you communicate with real users only.

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We take security extremely seriously, you’re safe here, be sure.

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Call us, or send us an email, and our dedicated UK support team will solve your issue.

Why use this site?

Do you prefer mature women over girls your age? Do you find experienced, older ladies a turn on? Then granny dating might just be the one for you. There are a lot of beautiful, stunning, sexy grannies out there that are looking for men like you. With granny online dating you can easily find, meet, and take home or have fun with a hot GILF you like. It’s so easy! So why not sign up now and look for that hot granny for you!

Grannies (also known as GILFs) are mature women who know what they want and know how to get it. And because they are older, they tend to look for someone to have fun with – this is where you come in. Sign up and explore the world of granny dating and find out why a lot of men prefer mature women.

Hassle-free relationships

For a man looking for grannies the dating scene can be hard, and you can never avoid those unwanted judgments and ridicule that some people might throw at you just because you want an older, more mature woman. You can avoid all of the trouble and save yourself from public scrutiny through granny dating where all of the searching and mingling will be done online, privately, and away from the eyes of the public.

Thousands to Choose From

Through GILF dating online you will have access to thousands of granny profiles with sexy, sometimes erotic, picture of themselves. You will never run out of mature women to talk to or have fun with, no strings attached. Enjoy browsing through thousands of profiles with various photos and find someone you like. Who knows, she might be the granny you have been dreaming about.

Get to Know Your Granny

Getting to know a mature woman can be tricky since they already know what it is they want and are looking for. But why bother yourself with pick up lines and trying to impress a granny when you can just simply look at their profile and find out what it is they are looking for and are interested in? You will never have to wonder if she’s the granny for you if you already know what turns her on or what she likes and dislikes. Strike up a conversation and who knows, both of you might just be looking for the same thing.

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There are grannies all over the UK that are looking for their man and with granny dating you can find that one special woman for you in an instant. Whether you want someone just around your neighborhood, just walking-distance away or are travelling and want to have fun with a mature woman to your chosen destination, this site will help you find her. You can be either in London or in Edinburgh, you are sure to find a mature woman to have fun with.

Dating at Your Own Pace

Granny dating online is a safe and secure venue to mingle around and get to know grannies at your own pace. Feel free to take it slow exchanging messages to one another or you can chat through instant messaging and get right to the point. Talk to your granny and decide when you want to meet up with them on your own time – no rush… or rush it, whatever you want.

Safe and Secure Dating

You will never have to worry about the security of your information. With granny dating you get to decide what your username is and how much or how little information you want give out. We will never give away any of your information because your safety and security is out top priority. This makes looking for grannies to have fun with a more comfortable experience, not worrying about your information getting leaked.

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Be one of the many men who have found what they were looking for or hear from the thousands of GILFs who are pleased with finding fun online! If you don’t believe all of our satisfied members, sign up and find out for yourself how much fun and easy granny dating can be. Look for grannies, chat with them, meet up, and have fun! Find that one hot, mature woman for you and take them home, no strings attached. We guarantee that you will find a match and we guarantee that your fantasies will come true.